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WalletWerks Customer Reviews

  • I received mine yesterday.... guys these walllets are awesome! excellent quality, super fast delivery. Bump for a great seller and great product. - Forest City, NC 

  • Got mine yesterday. I love it. - Long Beach, CA

  • Got mine and I love it. Great product and great seller! - Fresno, CA

  •  I got my wallet last week and I'm loving it so far. The quality is even better than I expected! - Mechanicsburg, PA

  • Wallet arrived lightning fast...very nice quality. If you're on the edge about this, I recommend you take the plunge. The M cloth definitely hugs the inside of my pant pocket better than leather; I have already experienced quicker lap times. - St. Louis, MO

  • Very good product and fast shipping. Love it - Camas, WA

  • Love mine. i almost want to get more just in case something happens with this one. - Santa Barbara, CA

  • Just opened mine up and promptly swapped all my stuff into it. Looks great, feels great, cant wait until it gets broken in, its a little stiff (but thats true of all new wallets) Thanks again! - Hartford, CT

  • Just ordered! You are a good man Can't wait,have been using a wallet that is falling apart for a year while I was waiting for this - Napa, CA    

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